Dunno why but I feel like doing divination. Usually if folks want divination from me, they have to wait for Halloween/Samhain to come around for Samhain Pickers giveaway to start and then be randomly picked (if picked at all, I only pick three people). Now, the only difference between that and this is that the divination won on Samhain Pickers is totally free. This comes with a price list and here are the rates:

– Cartomancy (playing card divination) : $5

– Tarot: $7

– Natal Charts: $20 (5 pg)

– Dream Interpretation: $4

Want in? Use this handy dandy contact form and remember to fill in your paypal address so I can invoice properly. Remember, there are ten slots and they stay open until Aug. 1.

When someone makes a purchase, a slot will say “Filled” so everyone can keep track of what availability is left.


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Interested? Fill out the contact sheet below!