There She Is!
On Newgrounds, there was a standout series years ago that I loved and this was one of them. So creatively done by SamBakZa it’s a story about bunny named Doki being so love-stricken by a kitty named Nabi and Doki goes to great lengths to express her love. Too bad she lives in a world that prefers bunnies and kitties stay divided. While Nabi eventually comes around, too bad everyone else still doesn’t but who cares? Follow along these two loveable characters as they do everything to make love survive in the face of hijinks and hardship, making friends and foes along the way as love prevails. The artwork is so impeccable and adorable the music is uplifting and peppy, you’ll want to watch it again and again.

Watch the whole series here!

And see more from SamBakZa:
Website (Korean Ver./English Ver.)

This silent short film is lovingly animated with outstanding style and pretty good story line. Made by Sarah Jolley, it’s a short film that combines two characters, one from a black and white romance film and one from an action film. Together they figure out what is going on as they traverse various film genres together.

See more of her works:

Rolling Bomber Special (Super Sentai/Power Rangers Parody)
This funny and comedic video has stuck with me for a long time. Here you have a regular, everyday convenience store clerk and high schooler Katori Shintarou, who one day becomes the focused target of the Chikyuu Sentai Freshmen. Only problem is that he doesn’t know why! Created by Tetsuya Nakashima.

Watch this fun subtitled short film:

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