So I didn’t get any questions this month (you guys do know that you can send in questions at any given time, right?) so that gives me free space to do whateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever I want.

Whateeeeeever I want

Whateeeeeever I want

I think I’ll start with P.O.S. “Weird Friends”, I like the song.

And here are two young schoolgirl traceuse playing Ninja. Parkour is always a great thing.

And as for sending messages, please send something more than just “Help me” or “I need your help.” This isn’t a sitcom or a tv drama, it’s real life. You actually do have to tell me something in regards to your problem. I’m not going to divine and guess what is going on. I don’t care enough for random people problems, especially unspoken ones.

Also, I spotted this on Tumblr, this sums up why I never do spellwork for others.

This is something every witch, high magician, occultist, etc goes through. And this is why I tell people not to dabble.

Next month will be the BW yearly series! This time, we’re focusing on technology! This new series will be called “Byte It/Cut It/Save It/Technologic”. That means there will be guest writers and normal posting will resume in April.