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Onwards to the column!

It’s Ask Black Witch, where readers send me questions. Good questions are appreciated, bad questions are eviscerated, let’s get started:

Hey, I have dreamed before about an old lady who gave me the book of shadows and told me to read it and I remember me doing a lot of spells and go through the book, and I have never ever seen the book or even touched it and on every page of the book there were a lot of pentagrams, and till now I still don’t remember the face of the old lady, So what is that supposed to mean?

– ­Amira A.

Alright, unfortunately, I didn’t get more info than just this sole letter (it’s semi my fault because I didn’t do the usual “write back to person to get more info”, I just replied to her comment where she first posted this question) so I can’t really make any major definites. For example:

  • Have you ever had a background in studying Paganism and/or witchcraft?
  • Did you watch a scary movie or such before sleeping?
  • What culture are you from?

Etc, etc, stuff like that. Otherwise, I would just simply rule it as the mind just putting a movie on as you sleep, so to speak. Not everything in dreams mean some big and major thing. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

The fact the book didn’t have any writing, just pentagrams, kind of means your brain was trying to scare you a bit, it doesn’t 100% have to mean the unknown because while the pentagram is an occultic symbol, it isn’t inherently spooky and evil. Just seen that way due to Abrahamic (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) cultural beliefs we all live with.

Basically, it could be an anxiety dream with a fear of the unknown buuuuuuut it could also just be a regular dream that’s really, really weird…because brains are weird.