Been a while, hasn’t it? I’m still trying to find a balance between MultiMind Publishing and here but I’m still around! I was recently interviewed by Madam Noire along with other Black witches about practicing witchcraft and Blackness. Make sure to check it out!

I super agree with Frankie when asked about what the media gets wrong about witchcraft when they said: “It’s like ‘Let’s get this money. Let’s be beautiful.'” They make it more about the outer when it’s about the inner. I noticed on social media, especially with younger people, everybody wants to do a hex. Everybody wants to do a love spell. Everybody wants to get somebody back. That’s not what it really is about.” I get countless letters and messages that basically fit in these three categories. There are so many “spells” I see floating online about money and being pretty (to someone else, little on self-work). They are just major misconceptions that seemingly fuels themselves. It’s phony, to say the least. I totally understand the appeal but it is amazing how it has just exploded in recent years.

The article was a great experience, I liked it.