Woo! It’s been a while! I’ve been balancing so many different things but I still do keep an eye on this blog at all times.

I recently guest appeared on The Daily Empath podcast where I talk about my practice, how I got into Paganism and more! They were wonderful hosts

There will be some regular posts but as always in these modern times, it’s when I can. I do, one day, want to get my Ask Black Witch questions out the way because I’ve gotten quite a few while I was out.

Also! Brief update to my pronouns!

It’s she/xem

I’m what I consider a bit non-binary, at minimum. In all honesty, I simply just straight up don’t believe in the gender binary and haven’t for a while and wanted the pronouns to reflect that. I’m a cis-woman but I lean fairly, I suppose, gender non-conforming, perhaps genderqueer? There are a lot of words but basically the run down of what to remember:

“She/xem” just means I go by she/her and xe/xem pronouns. Xe/xem is pronounced “zee/zem”. Don’t feel bad, it took me a while to learn how to pronounce it also. The gender neutral xe/xem for titles (like Mr. or Mrs) is “Mx.”, pronounced “Mix” – which I prefer written over being said simply because I feel like “Mx.” makes me sound like a dj when spoken. “Ms.” is also fine because, again, I still go by she/her pronouns, but Mx. Is also a good alternative. Here’s a little interactive of how to use “xe/xem”.

And a pronunciation video of “xe”!

Inb4 “how dare you use new words to describe yourself as if language isn’t fluid and everchanging, thus why we don’t talk like people in the 1950 or the 1920s or further back!”. Chill, using gender neutral pronouns have been around since the mid-1800s. It even stretches back to the late 18th century. We’re currently in the 21st century. Your internet is newer than these pronouns – heck, you are newer than these pronouns, relax.

I’m still demisexual af. Woo. My orientation is still the same, just wanted to reflect a change on my personal belief of gender, gender norms and ideas. I’m still the same person. I honestly never had a “tortured soul” moment about my perspective of gender, just like I never had one about being demisexual. I have a stronger memory about liking particular pizza toppings than I do about the day it dawned on me “oh, I’m ace/demi” or “wow, I really think the gender binary sounds like a scam bored people with too much time on their hands came up with”.

I also have been reading the super cute webcomic titled “Daybreak”, recommended by Pianta, a really nifty artist with really nifty art. I strongly recommend reading Daybreak and checking out Pianta (I do miss doing The Arts! because I have been coming across a lot that deserves sharing).

That’s all folks!