Hello! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog.
Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very technical but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? With thanks

– London C.

I totally don’t mind blog management questions! I think they’re nice and they make me happy!

It’s not that hard to get a blog started. You just pick a blog provider like Blogspot, WordPress or others and remember, they’re not all the same. I like WordPress  because I have the ability to mess with the HTML so if you know any basic web coding, it’s pretty nice to use.

The best place to start is to figure out what you want your blog to be about, how often do you want to post and how personal you want the blog to be. These three are going to determine the longevity of your blog because if it’s too much, you’ll burn yourself out and/or run out of topics. If it’s too little, you’re going to become mega forgetful about it. If it’s a topic you don’t care about, you won’t want to write, so on and so forth.

Audience is important but they will come if they like what you write. You can’t 100% write for the crowd, you’ll never be happy with what you create if your goal is to dredge as many readers as possible. Know what the purpose of your blog is. If it’s to get people to pay attention to you, it’s gonna show. If it’s to actually express some sort of thought or opinion, that will show as well. Also, know what distance you’re going to keep with your audience. Are you going to be super personal and let everyone into your life, talk to you anon, things like that? Or are you going to have a separate email and everything for your blog? It’s important to know where you stand because you want a manageable fandom should you get one and to keep mean folks to a minimum. In my experience, not having anything anon keeps away nasty people, which is fantastic. I’m a pretty introverted person so it’s great having readers streamlined thanks to apps.

Apps are very important if you get very serious about your blog. I use Android everything for mobile devices so the apps I use that are really helpful is DataViz’s Documents to Go to write posts on the go. I also use the WordPress app (because that’s my provider). And don’t be surprised if you start looking at smartphones and tablets, they do make life easier if you’re on the go a lot but think about that after your blog has been around for longer than a year.

Ooh! Know how to write! Your letter was very well written, that’s a good sign. Having fantastic spelling and grammar (tho the rule is lax if English is not your first language) is great and will keep readers. That and people will take you more seriously if you’re not writing like you’re dragging your face along a keyboard. Regardless where you write your material, run it through Microsoft Word to catch your mistakes! It won’t catch all of them but at least a good amount.

And I think thaaaaaaaaat’s pretty much it. Just don’t overload yourself, stay away from gimmicks, don’t do more than you can actually handle and write well, even when you don’t have a big audience. Yep yep.

“Here the magik sex or magik masturbation begins. At the moment of orgasm get`s the best visualization of the penis being possessed that witches can. Visualize the following: Her demonic possession shoots into the penis turning into a phantom like creature. Your new body races toward the possession of where your chosen target sleeps . Her fantasies race into mind as you use this new body to embrace the demonic pleasure. The visualization should be seen when the effects of the possession cease. Having witches cast her satanic magik and then you see the penis possession who was the target of her fantasies,
“Here now I drink the life blood of Satan. Through this indulgence He gives me the power to call forth the Minions of the Infernal Pit. My flesh burns in ecstasy. Riding upon the energies of my venomous possession are the demons now cast into the penis and the witches are absent of thoughts of the obscenities I now crave her fantasies!”


Hello , I like to know about sex magik demonic penis possession I know its out there just have a hard time finding a witch that will help me out here ? Would you know anyone ?

– Douglas O.

When I first looked at this, I thought it was a derp question. Prolly is thus the lolz. I shown this to countless friends, one mentioned this very fitting macro:

As a reminder to the world: This spot is called “Black Witch” (Not “This Black Witch”, that’s just the url. Please use your context clues, they’re nifty) because I’m of the African-diaspora (African-American) and I practice Witchcraft, hence “Black Witch”. I don’t practice evil magick or Satanism. I’m not egotistical enough or angry enough at Christianity for Satanism. Even Kanye West is not egotistical enough for Satanism.

I googled the first part and learned that this was a quote from some random Satanism site, I dunno if they were even legit. I do know that this is as lol-worthy as the question. How stupid/high was the person when they wrote the quote? They sound like they’re a really lonely and angry guy, probably very annoyed by women always calling them “creepy” and doesn’t understand what women mean when they say, “I don’t like you, please stop talking to me.” I think this passage would even offend Satanists.

Now the actual question: What. The Hell. Is wrong with you? This is so magnificently stupid a question,  it’s unbelievable. Dude, seriously, are you gonna seriously go around and go “’Ey, mah peen is controlled by a demon, woooooo!” That sounds like a problem waiting to happen. Now, I’m a firm believer that anything is possible in magick but there is such thing as “bad ideas”, “stupid ideas” and “This idea should only seem like even a decent idea only if you ate lead paint chips growing up.”

I’m gonna assume that you’re inspired somehow by the text above the question and wonder if you’re somehow under the age of 15. That quote is complete bullsh*t beyond belief, okay? Already at a glance – okay, a few reads, whoever wrote the quote wasn’t the best writer – , it’s remarkably sexist and practically mainstream-rapper grade of sex-negative. And most, if not all Witches (part of the reason being most of them are women), would never help you. At all. Geez, I think I’m being the random nice one for not outright deleting your questions like others told me that’s what they would have done.

In case you’re asking, “Why is this sexist/sex-negative? Oh my god, you’re making things up and complaining.” Here’s a basic break down:

Sex-negative: Dude, this quote is teeming with “Oh man, pleasure of the fleeeeeesh, that’s so naughty.” Yeah, no. It’s pretty much the photo-negative depiction of Christianity’s overall view on sex: it’s bad, it’s taboo and if you do it, you’re bad, you’re taboo. This is magnified when the object (called the “target” (wtf?)) is a female because of the Western perception of virginity and how women are supposed to be all chaste in the name of spirituality or she is a mega-whore otherwise and other really stupid ideas. “The demonic pleasure”? “Obscenities?” Ridiculous. It’s sex. Sex is natural. Get over it.

Sexist: Holy crap is the quote full of nonsense. Already you have gender-based manipulation and manipulation as a whole is always a bad idea, especially for sex magick (which, by the way, the passage is doing wrong. Sex magick shouldn’t sound rapey). Then you have the whole thing about sex when gender is involved and I just covered this, if you’re a girl, it’s really sucky because you’re not even considered a person or active agent in the discussion of sex. That’s why this is sexist, the girl is not an active agent of any sort, just an object and in sex magick, that’s super problematic.

The quote sounds like really wack pseudo-magick made for lonely, really frustrated guys that possibly don’t like women as people very much. And no witch worth their salt and/or with that kind of skill is gonna help out with that. Laugh at you, oh sure. Help you, not so much.

If it isn’t a derp question: Just buy a specialized fleshlight. I doubt you’d want an actual demon to control your penis. It most likely would not end as fun as you wish it did. I heard there were even mechanized fleshlights, which is far less embarrassing than your question.

And that’s all the Ask Black Witch for this month, folks! You can send in questions at any time but remember: good questions are appreciated, bad questions are eviscerated!