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“greetings..i had small question..I wonder about honey jar for love..”

– Classy C.

Because this question is unbelievably vague beyond vague, I asked the person if they could expand on their question and they did:

“Longing time boyfriend 12yrs in sept. Trying to move forward & rebuild romance..hasn’t been a walk in the park but we love each I thought honey jar love spell..sweeten him up..turn up the passion ..? Just not sure which method is the best..yes I want to get married..”

I gave my usual spiel of “magick isn’t a band aid for drowning relationships” and added the question of why she didn’t propose instead since it is 2013 and all. Response:

“He is a man of pride but style as well image is everything …ring is like a home it displays he’s got it like that..I just start tellin him we gotta get on the next page..he grew up seeing married ppl at like fools & has that terrible. Image in his head. Me I saw that but I know we are our own directors”

Now, in a few more messages, she mentions that she practices magick occasionally – I asked if she practiced at all because it’s never good to dabble and it isn’t hard to imagine people trying to use magick to make a faltering relationship work despite being total noobs.

In all honesty, I would recommend against the honey jar spell because it seems the spell wouldn’t have much desired effect because there’s a deeper wedge in the relationship that is producing the stammering in romance. A spell like that would be useful if one wanted to spice up the relationship (and the other partner knew about it) but otherwise, it would be smarter to just work out the difficulties in the relationship. Every relationship will have its problems, that’s a result of two imperfect and totally fallible people dating each other, but this sounds potentially fatal to the relationship. Magick wouldn’t solve it unless she wanted to go for a binding spell (don’t do it).

So it would be best to just have a nice, long, hard heart to heart so everyone is on the same page, in the same book, within the same genre. Magick will possibly put passion in the relationship but it will be temporary and again, it ignores the fact that there’s a pretty severe issue in the relationship. The guy is either going to have to let go of his vanity and concern about image or Classy is going to have to be even more patient before achieving marriage. Either way, a communication spell would be better than a love spell for these two.

And that’s all of ABW for this month, which isn’t that bad, given how this month was pretty stressful for me so yay, light load!

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