This is a major update for “A Plea for Help”, please read.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who have already donated, I really do appreciate this more than you know. 20% raised already, this is fantastic. (Update (8:00 PM): it’s at 26% now. Please keep donating!)

I talked with the lawyer of my landlord about payment and they want to get the money by the end of this week, Friday). That means I need to raise $570 by the end of tomorrow (Wednesday, May 22, 2013) to ensure that it is there in their hands on Friday. I really need more donations, people buying services (will be posted below), whatever. I really need your help or I am out on the street.

Donate here

Here are the services offered by me, please email me at if you are interested:

Resume proofreading: $15

Academic paper proofreading: $20

General proofreading (e.g. stories and poems): $20

And I’m not going to do tarot or palmistry divination services but I actually can do natal charts so:

Natal Charts: $20

Comes with Chart, with a five to ten page interpretation. All I need is birth date, birth place and birth time (noon is used if birth time is not known)

Thank you and please help. I will keep everyone updated should anything changes.