Here is the afternoon update of “Keep Black Witch in Her Home”: 31% has been collected so far! Thank you donors and please continue donating, it ends at the end of today, Wednesday.

Remember, if you don’t want to merely donate but would rather purchase services, you’re in luck. I do proofreading of resumes and academic papers. Don’t have a resume but want to have one? I can help you build your resume. Don’t have either but you do write creative works? I can assist with that as well. Price list is this:

Resume proofreading: $15

Academic paper proofreading: $20

General proofreading (e.g. stories and poems): $20

And I’m not going to do tarot or palmistry divination services but I actually can do natal charts so:

Natal Charts: $20

Comes with Chart, with a five to ten page interpretation. All I need is birth date, birth place and birth time (noon is used if birth time is not known)

Contact me and we’ll get squared away.

STANDING UPDATE: I talked with the lawyer of my landlord and they want to get the money by this week. That means I need to raise $530 $493 by the end of this week, Friday and to ensure the money is there, I would like to have at least the bulk of it raised by tonight, May 22. That means I really need some donations, people buying my services, whatever. I really need your help or I am out on the street. Please make it happen.